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Our Partners

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Financial Advisors

Student Loan Debt is an integral part of any financial plan, but it is often combined with other consumer debt.  Borrowers have many forgiveness and repayment options that they may not even realize are available. First Steps Student Loan Solutions can assist Financial Advisors in optimizing their clients student debt plans for their financial futures.


CPA's/Accounting Professionals

Student Loan Repayment & Forgiveness options are often dependent on tax filing status, career choices & retirement funding.  First Steps Student Loan Solutions can be a valued part of a tax planning conversation so that clients are able to find the best solutions for their student loan debt.


Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors at the college level often wear numerous hats. Being able to accurately advise their college students and families on the most up to date regulations surrounding federal & private student loan solutions is key to successful outcomes for their clients. First Steps Student Loan Solutions can be a partner from start to finish of each students college career.

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Law Professionals

Student Loan Regulations around repayment, forgiveness, bankruptcy, & default are often brought to law professionals for guidance and advice.  First Steps Student Loan Solutions can help these professionals stay cutting edge on the most recent regulations in the field.


Guidance Counselors

Similar to College Academic Advisors, High School Guidance Counselors wear too many hats in their daily tasks. Being able to provide sound pre-college funding plans for high schoolers and their families is an invaluable service. First Steps Student Loan Solutions can keep guidance counselors aware of all the most recent regulations and help them advise their families on the most appropriate financial path for college.


College Planners

College Planning has exploded as a profession in the last 20 years as college admissions and cost has increased significantly.  Adding extensive knowledge on student loan pre and post college planning is just another item on an already overwhelmed college planner plate.  First Steps Student Loan Solutions can work with College Planners as part of an integral team to provide the most relevant and timely student loan advice.

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